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Emotions are deeply linked with the human biological situation

Some Food for thought , consider a situation you found a apple on the road. Would you pick it up? Let’s assume you haven’t had food for 2 days, would you still pick up? Consider you just had lunch , would you still pick it up?

Does your body dictate the actions or does it influence just the mystery mind to do some actions?
Consider you are hygiene OCD in the above cases and run the iteration again.

Flow of situation

Human mind -> Human body -> Human mind -> Human action

Sees apple -> read the body situation -> assess situation -> decide whether to pick up the apple or not

Can we add human body as a influencing factor in our little though process?

Update assumptions

  1. Human Body and world around together is a isolated system
  2. Human Mind is the controlling factor
  3. Human Brain is the communication factor
  4. Human Body is a influencing factor

Q2 : How is it justified that pain is causing the expression of crying?

What caused the pain: An external factor

Who caused the pain : An external factor

When is it caused (cry) : when there is pain involved

pervious segment turned inclusive due to many external factors. Current question drives towards the understanding that pain might be the reason for an action but why crying? this is the question that needed more answer. Maybe reading more about the human body management of fives can give a better idea?

Human management of 5 sense

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