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Emotions are deeply linked with the human biological situation

Some Food for thought , consider a situation you found a apple on the road. Would you pick it up? Let’s assume you haven’t had food for 2 days, would you still pick up? Consider you just had lunch , would you still pick it up?

Does your body dictate the actions or does it influence just the mystery mind to do some actions? …

It all started with the possibility of understanding emotions.

When are emotions defined?

As a human it is hard to annotate and denote a trigger point for emotion. The reason being is that we don’t have enough information or knowledge to understand the basic measurement of emotion. For some people, expression of happiness is by crying aka “Tears of joy” and some cases the same tears are caused due to grief , pain or sorrow. Let’s try to approach this as a science problem.

Why , how , when and What are some of the basic questions for any scientific…

Please consider this to be a post of never ending rants about my personal and work life and how I screwed multiple times and still am doing so. Here are some key takeaways from my life experiences and if you question why blogging about it? Apparently blogging give a retrospective of things around. The entire blog is going to be a very confusing but informative. Beware you were warned

Allow me to introduce myself …keeping identity aside I am software programmer …or that’s what I introduce myself to people. Programming is a simple concept of logic. It is not magic…

Kautilya Hari

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